The Six Pack

//The latest and tastiest samples of The Studio's work.

El Paso Electric
El Paso Electric, A Smarter Kind of Energy Campaign

United Bank of
El Paso del Norte
United Bank of El Paso del Norte, We Know What It Takes

Two Should Know
Two Should Know, ''Reel Talk''

University Medical Center
University Medical Center, Couplet Care

Addy Awards Intro
Addy Awards Intro


From concept to creation, The Studio has what it takes to bring your project to life.
Lets make it happen.

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// The choice is simple, our work is not.

The audio/visual medium is more influential than it has ever been in human history. It is how the world communicates thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas and everything that makes us human. Most importantly it's why the communication between you and your client should be the most coherent and professionally executed piece of digital awesomeness you can find. Take a look at The Studio's work and all the questions of the Universe will finally be answered.

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About Us

//Cute Anecdotes & Quotes

With varied backgrounds The Studio is more than well versed in production, we are well versed in life. Our knowledge spans from music, to motorcycle mechanics to muscle bound meatheads and with that knowledge comes an understanding that "art does not imitate life, life imitates art." What does that mean? Who knows? That was our Cute Anecdote & Quote. To learn more about the team, here are some short bio's that may contain more anecdotes and quotes. You have been warned.

//The Whole Enchilada

Great work can only come from a great team and The Studio has a pool of awesome talent to bring on set.


University Medical Center of El Paso Smoke Free Paso del Norte Medical Center Hospital Hard Rock Hotel and Casino El Paso Zoo Candylab United Bank of El Paso El Paso Water Utilities CultureSpan Marketing

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